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NSC Radar/Chartradar

Raytheon Anschütz presents one of the most sensitive radars even under rough weather conditions. Brilliant performance goes hand in hand with ease of use and easy installation.



Raytheon Anschütz offers a high performance ECDIS which provides the basis for paperless navigation and effective support for the operator in manoeuvring.


NSC Nauto Conning

NautoConning® is the centralized navigation data display for the ship’s command. It offers the comfort of having all relevant sensor information and navigation data at a glance and hence contributes to safe navigation in accordance with operator philosophy. NautoConning offers various functions that can be activated and configured by the operator as needed, depending on the situation and type of equipment. In addition, the Raytheon Anschütz alarm management as part of the Conning comprises the handling, distribution and presentation of alarms and supports the navigators in their tasks to identify situations and to take appropriate action.


NSC Multifunction System

In its standard configuration the Multifunctional Workstations are capable to display (Chart–) Radar, ECDIS, Conning and AIS data in any desired combination at one dedicated position.



The GMDSS A3 has been especially developed for reliable communication at sea, using the latest technology. Packaged in advanced design, all equipment is mounted together in one console for fast, easy installation.

new ibs

New Integrated Bridge System (IBS)

Integrated Bridge Systems from Raytheon Anschütz provide performance and reliable navigation under all conditions by integrating well-proven, harmonizing equipment. Customers rely on dedicated project management, central service coordination and superior functionality of their Integrated Bridge Systems.